Sierra de Guara
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  Parque Natural de la Sierra and Canyons de Guara. An exceptional, a refuge for unique flora and fauna. Activities that may be taking as a starting point this enclave are very numerous, especially related to nature and adventure sports.
From Panzano can go hiking, canyoning, mountain bike routes and visit places of great cultural and scenic interest:
-Parroquial de San Pedro, S. XII.
-Ermita de la Virgen de Arraro, S. XII.
-Casa Fabana, iglesia románica, S XII.
-Santuario de San Cosme y San Damián.
-Cuevas de las Polvorosas de Cháves y Solencio.
-Embalses de Guara y Vadiello.
-Centro de interpretación de "La Casa de los Buitres" en Santa Cilia de Panzano.

Panzano is a town in the comarca of Hoya de Huesca which belongs to the municipality of Casbas of Huesca in Huesca province. It is located at the foot of the Natural Park of the Sierra de Guara, to 649 m. altitude, about 29 km northwest of Huesca capital.
Its urban layout corresponds to an axis formed by a road leading to a square with cruise.
There XII century Romanesque church, which subsequently were attached chapels, gate, tower and atrium.
You can also visit the Chapels of St. Mary Magdalene and the XII century Fabana and the Sanctuary of Saints Cosmas and Damian.

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The church dedicated to St. Peter was built in the first half of the twelfth; single nave, as amended in the seventeenth time that remade the western front, adding porch, side chapels and sacristy.
Outside, the apse is of good masonry, without ornaments. aspillerados has three windows. It ends in smooth profile corbels that support the cornice nacelle.
The original cover located on the south wall, is now covered. Archivolts propped consists of three straight jambs through fascia run. In the tympanum there is a nice and simple carved crismón Trinity.
Inside find nave with apse barrel drum topped with beveled fascia is continued in the spacious sanctuary. In the apse there are three windows cylinder recesses of spilled inside. There is another window similar to the foot of the southern wall, area, as opposed, that is left stone wall view.
It has recently been restored inside the temple and tower, erected on the north chapel.

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Iglesia Panzano Iglesia Panzano Iglesia Panzano Iglesia Panzano
Barranco del rio Formiga
San Martín de la Val d'Onsera
Pasarelas Barranco de la Fuente
San Martín del Alcanadre
Estrechos de Tamara
Ascensión al Tozal de Cubillas (1945 m.)
Ascensión al tozal de Guara (2077 m.)
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